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Sunday May 12th, Mother's Day it would be special anyway. Ice's temperature has dropped further to 36.5. Still a lot of panting but she doesn't dig yet and doesn't show any signs. Only around 20.15 she starts digging in her bin. She always comes to see if I'm around, it's clear that she wants us there. At 2.10 she starts to push and pant differently and at 5.20 she pushed, a kind of water balloon comes out which,she bites in to it and it is broken. At 7.06 am she really starts pushing on a regular basis but nothing comes ... We wait at 8 o'clock still nothing in sight. We call the vet. We have to wait a bit longer because she doesn't push all the time. At 11 o'clock the vet stopped by anyway and injected an injection of oxytocin. If she didn't have a puppy within half an hour she has to go directly to the vet and it will be a caesarean section. Half an hour later we made everything ready, we wanted to put Ice in the car and ... There is a little pup in the world, born at 11.42 am. Ice did everything by herself, biting the fleece and eating the placenta. Still uncomfortable but a proud mummy. The puppies are on the world and ice and Ice Baby's are doing great

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Saturday, May 11th, Ice's temperature is clearly beginning to drop. Normally she has 37.5 and has dropped to 36.8. Between 12 and 24 hours she would give birth. We will stay with her to keep an eye

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